Hotels Through the Perspective of a Child

To adults, hotels are just places to stay when you're on vacation. Amenities like pools, BBQ areas, and gyms are perks, but mostly they are things that are available during the week anyway. Most adults go on holiday to do something different, not to sit around in a hotel. Children, however, see things differently. To a child, a hotel is a much cooler [...]

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Adult Lifestyle Resorts of Costa Rica

For years, the North American and European adult community looking for fun, adventure and excitement were forced to find their freedom in other parts of the world. Couples [...]

A Vacation Without the Kids – Adults Only Hotels In Punta Cana

Sometimes it might be nice to go on an "adults only" vacation, i.e. a vacation where you do not bring your kids along; granted they are old enough to stay home alone, that [...]

Key West Hotels On The Beach – It’s A Paradise

Are you looking for the perfect little hotel on that perfect little beach that just radiates relaxation and complete comfort? Well my friends, I've got great news for you. [...]